About the company

Company Gerada – GM Ltd was established in August 1996 with main activity is the manufacture, storage, packaging, processing and marketing of honey and bee products. He is a member of the Association of processors and traders of honey and bee products. Exported to Germany, England and others. EU countries since 2001.
In 1999, the company gets in touch with the Laconia Institute in Germany and began the process of certification for organic production of honey and bee products. In the pre-accession period “Gerada – GM Ltd oriented part of its activities in the production, processing and storage of honey and honey products meet the necessary requirements and documents for organic production. The company possesses the following certificates under different standards for organic production:

EU BIO – for European Union
NOP – U.S.
Kosher – Jewish dietary rules as
BIO SUISSE – for Switzerland
The enterprise has introduced a system for quality management standards EN ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP.

In Bulgaria, organic products still have little market presence. Trade with them only now emerging. Our activity is mainly oriented towards exports.

Sales in the Bulgarian market -

Metro, Piccadilly, Fantastico, Radisson Hotel;

The company has its own apiary, which fully complies with the principles of organic production. All beekeepers are covered by the program for organic production, have signed contracts with the company that will comply with the requirements of the European Union.
Administrative base Gerada-GM Ltd is located in., Sofia, and the main production and warehouse in Gorna Dabnik Pleven.